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4,99 EUR*
Details Girl-Meets-World-Friend-Power-Girl-Meets-World-Junior-Novel

When Riley decides to sneak out to a college party with Maya, she's plagued by her guilty conscience. Is it weird her conscience comes in the form of a giant potato tot? Perhaps . . . But the real question is, even if Riley's parents don't catch her ...

20,38 EUR*
Details Meet-Thy-Maker

Classic US Speed/Thrash Metal featuring DECEASED members. TRACK LISTING: 1. Meet Thy Maker 2. Just An Illusion 3. For There Is War 4. Far From Danger Now (Parts I & 2) 5. Power And The Glory 6. The Verdict 7. Behind The Castle Walls 8. Visions Of The ...

14,33 EUR*
Details The-Power-of-Scrum

The Power of Scrum tells the inspiring story of Mark Resting, CTO of a software company struggling with a major client and a project with more problems than solutions and a marriage in crisis. But, when he meets Jerry, a West-coast expert in Scrum ...

11,20 EUR*
Details 2-Power-PDA0075A-PDA-Batterie-37-V-1050mAh

2-Power PDA0075A rechargeable battery.- High quality Internal Battery to replace your PDA0075A. - Black rectangular battery with 4 way connector - Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications for the PDA0075A Internal ...

20,64 EUR*
Details 2-Power-670mAh-Li-Ion-72V-Camcorder-Ersetzt-Akku-fr-BP-808

2-Power VBI9689A rechargeable battery.- High quality Internal Battery to replace your VBI9689A. - Thick dark grey rectangular battery with 4 way connector. - Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications for the VBI9689A ...

34,38 EUR*
Details The-Power-of-Now-How-Winning-Companies-Sense-and-Respond-to-Change-Using-Real-Time-Technology

The Power of Now Meet the future head-on with this incisive book that details emerging trends that will affect all businesses as they progress through the 21st century. Today's technology has become vital to the speed and performance of business. The ...

13,13 EUR*
Details 2-Power-700mAh-Li-Ion-37V-Kamera-Ersetzt-Akku-fr-NP-50

2-Power DBI9675A Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) 1000mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery.- High quality Internal Battery to replace your DBI9675A. - White rectangular battery with three pressure type contacs at one end - Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original ...

23,72 EUR*
Details A-Warrior-Dynasty

This book examines the meteoric rise of Sweden as the pre-eminent military power in Europe during the Thirty Years War during the 1600s, and then follows its line of warrior kings into the next century until the Swedes finally meet their demise, in an ...

19,06 EUR*
Details The-Staff-of-the-Demon-Chaser

Meet Xebec, (pronounced Chebek), the power mad sorcerer who has gone completely 'round the twist'. Master of the Lipsbobble Boogie - a real loonie without a bin! Unfortunately, he now has possession of The Staff of The Demon Chaser, which is the most ...

13,95 EUR*
Details Touch-of-Magic

Touch of Magic From the moment she meets Ryan Alden, Shana Morland is torn between sacred love and its darkest power. She wants him--but the source of this overwhelming attraction lies veiled in mystery. Full description

11,77 EUR*
Details Forever-Broken

Forever Broken As second wolf in the Lunas Locas pack, Paul Kraskowski has power and prestige. He also has a dark secret-one he hides and won't admit it even to himself-until the night he meets Laurent. Born to one of the oldest families of his kind ...

10,40 EUR*
Details Behind-the-Mist-Book-One-of-The-Mist-Trilogy

There exists a land filled with power and magic...Behind the Mist.Nick and his family spend their summers in the Colorado mountains where he first meets an exceptional horse named Jazz. What begins as an increasingly strong bond between a horse and ...

6,25 EUR*
Details Give-Blood

BRAKES Give Blood (Factory Sealed 2005 UK 16-track CD album from the collaboration of members from Electric Soft Parade British Sea Power & Tenderfoot featuring 30 minutes of lush country-punk meets dark-edged clank-rock satire and including ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Kill-Your-Friends

Broschiertes BuchNow available for preorder: KILL 'EM ALL, the stunning sequel to KILL YOUR FRIENDS Meet Steven Stelfox. London 1997: New Labour is sweeping into power and Britpop is at its zenith. A&R man Stelfox is slashing and burning his way ...

22,08 EUR*
Details Hasbro-Disney-Die-Eisknigin-Vllig-Unverfroren-Monopoly-Junior-in-englischer-Sprache-UK-Import

Thaw the frozen friends in the Disney-themed Monopoly game for kids. The fast-trading property game meets the power of snow and ice in the monopoly junior game. Kids will join Anna, Elsa and Olaf as they travel through Arendelle and buy its most ...

22,99 EUR*
Details Meeting-the-Balance-of-Electricity-Supply-and-Demand-in-Latin-America-and-the-Caribbean-Directions-in-Development-Energy-and-Mining

Meeting the Balance of Electricity Supply and Demand in Latin America and the Caribbean Over the coming decades, the supply of electric power will need to expand to meet the growing demand for electricity, but how the production and use of electricity ...